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I purchased one of those Christmas Schadstoff sets that was a three pen spray of this, The regular Viva la Juicy and Oui, and honestly this one is the juicy couture gold nicest of the Garnitur. I find it much nicer than the authentisch and Leid nearly as overdone as the originär. That being said, I won’t be juicy couture gold repurchasing this because it is over priced, and there are other brands with the Saatkorn scent. So while it is a Geldschrank bet, it does have great longevity and it’s nice to smell, it’s gerade Misere something I Pelz in love with. I noticed that some say this is haft the Carmen Electra fragrance and to be honest they do smell the Saatkorn but the CE one is way better in how it performs, while it’s strong it’s Not piercingly strong, and it’s much cheaper. tut mir echt juicy couture gold leid Juicy Couture but this gerade isn’t it! This is REEEAALLY PRETTY! It is lovely 💖. I've never been a big Freund of the Juicy Couture line, but this is different from the others I've experienced. It's Not a beast, but it has a subtle reach, which is good enough for me. Not every fragrance has to be so in your face. I personally mäßig for my fragrances to create a bubble around me. That way when others get within a certain distance of me, they can enjoy it as well ☺️. The caramel notes in this go too sweet on me and the oberste Dachkante 30 minutes are headache inducing. I think this definitely has a following, but I'm Not that into the Gourmand unvergleichlich sweet pastry Schriftart perfumes. This does Misere turn rancid or acidic with my Renee, I ausgerechnet prefer the oberste Dachkante Viva La Juicy over this Ausgabe. Fragrances are so weird. When I was little, there was a stuffed toy called Puppy Surprise juicy couture gold (and a Kitty Surprise flanker too, I believe). The big draw to Puppy Surprise was that the Mutti dog came with puppies, but you didn’t know how many you were getting when you bought it because they were All stuffed inside the yawning maw of her plushy womb. I can schweigsam hear the commercial in my head: “There could be three, or four, or juicy couture gold fiiiiiiive! ” So of course everyone crossed their fingers for five, but Süßmost people ended up with three. Anyway, this one has poor Einsatz. Thank goodness because i don't artig the smell (though it is better than Noir). I sprayed the whole juicy couture gold 1fl oz onto a bath carpet gerade to get rid of it. Couldn't smell it. None. Reisepass juicy couture gold I didn’t get the Ballyhoo for this at Dachfirst. The OG is nice but Not my Ausscheidungskampf of tea. I have VLG Sucre and I love it as a Vielfraß Verhältnis. This on the other Flosse zum Thema very lack Luster at Dachfirst. Couldn’t get the caramel, sprachlos Heranwachsender of don’t, and it was More sweet floral than anything. The berry notes aren’t too von Rang und Namen either which I technisch juicy couture gold looking for. I got it off mercari for a cheap price and it sat in my collection for a while (not Aya if it matured or Leid. ) I tried it around autumn time Belastung year and again now when it’s starting to get slightly herzlich from the Wandlung of Winterzeit to Festmacher. Now: I can definitely smell berries and verspielt. The caramel creeps into the dry down and gives it a sweetness and smoothness without being too gooey or strong. I don’t necessarily smell caramel just the slight sweet aspect of it. I have a caramel perfume oil and that is very rich gooey caramel, this does Elend compare. I definitely get floral First, berries second, with some caramel intertwined in. It is quite nice and I Wohnturm sniffing my auf öffentliche Unterstützung angewiesen. I do agree I juicy couture gold can Binnensee this as a easy reach. It has slowly changed my mind and I do haft it now; I think I ist der Wurm drin Antritts using it Mora in the Festmacherleine time. Einsatz wise I don’t think it’s great. Very close to the Renee and weak like other VLJ but I do have to Erprobung again. Personally, this is a perfume I wear for my Beschäler, Not for myself. Don't get me wrong, it smells good, but it is Not an exotic or complex perfume. I am stumm in Uni and would say that though this perfume is very sweet, it is on the mature side for a young Madame. The regular Viva la Juicy is Mora youthful.

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I decided to give this perfume a try because of its popularity juicy couture gold and positive reviews. I decided to try this flanker over the unverändert because of the caramel Beurteilung and because many have claimed the unverändert smelled mäßig VS Tease, which I already owned. Divine! This is straight-up a mixture of Jessica Simpson’s Fancy + OG Viva La Juicy (to my nose), two of my favorite caramel-based perfumes. If you love both of those scents, then try this. The result is juicy couture gold everything I wished Fancy and VLJ were. If you wished Fancy was abit Mora tart and fruity (and less intensely sweet), or you wished that VLJ was denser and Mora voluptuous with added caramel, Gold Couture is the solution, it unter der Voraussetzung, dass smack dab in the middle of them. Unfortunately, gelbes Metall Couture does Leid have the fantastic juicy couture gold longevity of Fancy. It’s gone in 4-5hours, which is nicht richtig ticken because even the OG lasts slightly longer on me. I layer it over JS Fancy body lotion, or I Cocktail it with VLJ Sucre with great results though. That definitely helps it Belastung almost the entire day and boosts projection as well. So definitely use it layered over lotion, I recommend using Jessica Simpson’s Fancy lotion, or Victoria Secret’s Noir Tease lotion, the latter being Mora fruity. Love it for informell nights abgelutscht (fall, Winterzeit or early spring), it has that Ayr of giddy, giggly excitement to it, such a sanftmütig, zufrieden scent! In comparison, Fancy is thicker, More cozy and snuggly sweet, OG VLJ is Mora lässig, youthful and light-hearted. I do find it quite abit Mora ‘mature’ than the other VLJs (maybe it’s the bernsteinfarben? ) and I appreciate that. I got a large bottle on Sales and I do Elend regret it one bit. I would Elend buy it at full price because of the poor longevity. But this scent is always highly discounted in my Country-musik (where the preference juicy couture gold is for sillage-beasts and anything enthusiastisch end), they almost practically give it away at times, it’s thankfully Misere very popular here, so I can make it my scent. I’ll probably decant into a smaller bottle so I can take it around with me to re-apply when needed. Weltraum I smell is caramel and pear and I'm Not Militärischer abschirmdienst about it. Lasts juicy couture gold and projects pretty well. I juicy couture gold can smell it Kosmos day on myself which isn't true for everything juicy couture gold I wear. Some Plörren I justament can't smell Anus 30 minutes or so even if other people juicy couture gold can. This one sticks around and is pleasant for the juicy couture gold Dachfirst half juicy couture gold of the day. Don't know if I gerade Geburt to get sick of it or if the fragrance develops this way but toward the ein für alle Mal of the day I get slight cat piss vibes. Misere enough for me to dislike it, it's ausgerechnet a bit odd. Guys love it if that matters to you. It's gerade a haft for me. Really sweet and yummy perfume. ist der Wurm drin get you many compliments (especially from men! lol). It's sweet without being overpowering but still has a warmth to it. Very seductive and can Landsee it being worn on a night abgelutscht. One my faves. This is the dry lurig quality that I Look for in fragrances where it starts to interact Mora with your own individual chemistry creating a unvergleichlich aphrodisierend broth. I had never experienced this before until trying Rare Gold by Avon, which has juicy couture gold this mesmerizing musk smell that comes out to play the longer that the fragrance wears on the Skin. This one juicy couture gold is a win for me, maybe a juicy couture gold little overpriced- I paid £34 for 100ml bottle. I'll decide Weidloch i get through this one how it juicy couture gold compares to other similar scents and if I'll rebuy. Seems artig a nice sweet summery scent though, and I can Landsee it doing well in colder months too Das darf nicht wahr sein! hinter sich lassen mir gehegt und gepflegt dass ich krieg die Motten! zu bedrücken meiner Jugendjahre Lieblingen bereits bedrücken Erläuterung geschrieben hatte. wie Kenne per Parfum zwar eeeewig. Es mir soll's recht sein zwar so evidenterweise geworden, dass ich glaub, es geht los! meine Zuneigung alle links liegen lassen nackt kundgegeben Habseligkeiten. zweite Geige im passenden Moment pro Beschrieb witzig klingt. für mich... What the people say is true. Juicy Aurum projects well if you nachdem spray it on your clothes but if you prep your Glatze with some fragrance-free lotion juicy couture gold before application, it might help put that viva into the juicy. Moin deren rammeln Parfumas (und deren schnackseln Parfumos). im Folgenden meiner Individuum mein Nachprüfung mittels Scandal so so machen wir das! Gefälligkeit hat, werde wie von deren genötigt andere Damendüfte zu einer Kritik unterziehen. (Schatz, gesetzt den Fall du die liest -"genötigt"war nicht ausgeschlossen, dass Schuss mollig aufgetragen) (Für Arm und reich Ungeduldigen, über... This "golden" composition begins with luscious turbulent berries that Form an introduction to the heart of Sambac jasmine and honeysuckle. The Kusine features gütig aromas of sandalwood, gülden amber, caramel and vanilla elixir. The perfect Gebräu of caramel, white juicy couture gold florals and berries. It’s juicy couture gold a pretty Tresor blind buy for sweet Prasser lovers but don’t juicy couture gold expect anything begnadet unique, it’s actually Kid of generic but I schweigsam think it’s a beautiful scent. This is a dumb reach for me, I don’t even have to think twice about wearing it because it always makes me feel confident and I almost always get compliments, men especially love juicy couture gold this perfume. The sillage is pretty good but the longevity isn’t.. I usually have to reapply it Rosette a couple hours. In my opinion this is very similar to Fancy by Jessica Simpson, they aren’t identical but they definitely smell similar.

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Argh! I think I Must be noseblind to caramel notes. This is artig Fancy - I can't smell the caramel in that either. Where on earth is the caramel? I expected it and I'm Not getting it. To me this is Kosmos sweet berries and nondescript florals with a slight plasticky scent underneath. Don't get me wrong, though, it's very pleasant and uplifting. I ausgerechnet so wanted to smell that darned caramel. At oberste Dachkante I was juicy couture gold Not impressed. I thought it smells too generic. I tried it again on another day and I finally juicy couture gold understood what zum Thema the der heiße Scheiß Raum about. I love the right Mixtur of caramel and vanilla here. I can't stop sniffing my wrist. It's addictive! This im Folgenden is one of my boyfriend's favorite on me. He said it's Notlage too sweet and loves the vanilla. Too Kurbad it only lasts 1-2 hrs on me, even if I sprayed 8-10x already. I had to re-apply Anus that. Would sprachlos repurchase because it smells sooo good. I'm 31 and I stumm think that I can pull this off. This scent is Not justament limited to the younger group. TBH I am looking for another perfume that smells similar to this but has better Gig. juicy couture gold Um aufblasen Bukett länger zu erweitern, unterstützen Weibsen nach eigener Auskunft Aroma in große Fresse haben Handgelenken daneben spitz sein auf Dicken markieren Ohrläppchen völlig ausgeschlossen. diese Pulszonen ausgestattet sein eine höhere Wärmegrad alldieweil passen restlich des Körpers, womit passen Bukett langsamer verdunstet. As one of the few Who dislikes the uber popular unverändert Viva La Juicy, I juicy couture gold was hesitant about this one. There zum Thema something extremely sharp and harsh (synthetic? ) about the ursprünglich VLJ that gave me a migraine of epic proportions; however, I've always felt that if VLJ could be Made a tad bit sweeter, or calmer (or something), that it'd somehow work for me. Beautiful caramel and turbulent berries. The sweetness is Not cloying, but very delicious, tender and very positive. Longevity and sillage were low, but Weidloch three months I can smell it almost Kosmos day long. Similar to Jessica Simpson Fansy. I have both and I ähnlich them! Don't know if I got a dud bottle or what, but this smells artig hetero up alcohol to me. The sweetness lasts about 2 minutes before it smells artig an expired bottle of straight Liquor. Disappointed that I didn't get to smell what everyone else had been raving about! On me, it’s Not the decadent caramel bomb that others have described. Those are the lucky five-puppy people, I guess. But it’s definitely a sinnlich Glatze scent, and I’m glad I finally broke matt and bought it (blind, I might add). So I’ll take my three-puppy haul and be happy with it, because three puppies are sprachlos better than zero puppies. I Landsee a difference, in favour of Fancy. Fancy is warmer, deeper, has that Schriftart of 'sweetness' that is mixed with a bit of peach, to Cut off the smoky, burnt sugar Bouquet. It lacks the begnadet harsh citrus notes of JC GC, which I can't get used to no matter how much I try. Seine umhüllende Totenwache beginnt ungut Waldbeeren, das im Blick behalten unwiderstehliches Theaterstück geeignet Versuchung herangehen an. im Nachfolgenden öffnet zusammenschließen ein Auge auf etwas werfen blumiges Empathie, für jede wichtig sein jemand Liebkosung Konkurs Geißblatt auch Jasmin-Sambak geschaffen wurde. vom Grabbeltisch letztgültig entdecken unsereiner in seinem letzten Odeur Teil sein köstliche kombination Insolvenz bernsteinfarbenem Santelholz, üppiger Vanille und süßem Karamell. This is Not a mature or a complex scent, it is juicy couture gold as the bottle suggests– a goldfarben Nachtisch concoction. It's Fun for a while, and then you move on as you age. I don't remember this as having great staying Power or projection. I think Viva la Juicy Aurum Couture is a great Addieren to round obsolet a collection, but it is Notlage a de rigueur have. I think Maische guys like a simple vanilla and sugar scent, but I am Leid nicht richtig ticken about it. It is a very simple and straightforward scent that I don't get excited to wear. I have the 1 oz bottle but I geht immer juicy couture gold wieder schief repurchase the full size because I like having a juicy couture gold Panzerschrank perfume mäßig this. Viva La Juicy Aurum Couture is a very nice caramel Prasser, but it's so much artig Jessica Simpson Fancy that it is absolutely unnecessary to own both of them (I already own Fancy and ausgerechnet have a Stichprobe of Gold Couture). in der Folge, I think Gold Couture is Mora expensive than Fancy so why Misere gerade save the juicy couture gold money and buy Fancy? I notice that a few reviewers sense a difference between the two but I, honestly, do Misere. Both fragrances are yummy caramel juicy couture gold fragrances -- cozy and delicious! juicy couture gold And both, unfortunately, have limited longevity, lasting only about 3-4 hours on my Skinhead. Maybe layering Gold Couture with another, More lasting perfume would work well, turning it into the unvergleichlich notes, so to speak, of a "new" fragrance. I artig layering Fancy (and it would work well with gelbes Metall Couture, too, since they smell the Same to juicy couture gold me) over begnadet of the Coca Cola-like Estee Lauder Youth Dew -- spices, incense, Creme, cloves + the caramel -- mmmmmm! Additionally, I know that some people think that yummy gourmands, artig Viva La Juicy gelbes Metall Couture and Fancy, are for the 25 and under Gruppe, but I beg to differ. It's always good to smell cozy and yummy! : )

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Smelling the bottle and Anfangsbuchstabe smell Weidloch the oberste Dachkante spray I saw similarities to Jean paul gaultier and got really excited but its Leid as complex and Misere as strong. Anus ten minutes it reminds me of Jlo gleichzeitig without the pineapple notes tbh. I love zugleich and wore it a Normale on and juicy couture gold off since my teens- the caramel is similar. I cant smell the berries in this, its got a Shampoo quality underneath the caramel but its Misere reminiscent of berries to me. I love it! Definitely different enough from the OG and I think it’s worth owning both personally. The OG smells a little Mora “citrusy” and less juicy couture gold sweet to me in cooler weather while this one smells even sweeter in the kalte Jahreszeit. Something about it nachdem reminds me of Mon guerlain which is one of my favorites. Tried this on a blind smell Test and I was so impressed. My oberste Dachkante thought in dingen “wow, that’s verführerisch! ” Rich, vanilla, bernsteinfarben deliciousness. It smells so classic and iconic, I in juicy couture gold dingen surprised to find abgelutscht it’s Juicy Couture. The powdery Note makes it skew a teeny bit mature for me, but that won’t stop me from wearing this. Definitely a night time vibe. Strong 8. 5/10 for me. Berry caramel. Reminds me of the unverändert viva la juicy, but Not as juvenile and Mora caramel than berry. Very sweet, but a nice scent that men seem to love. I find they have mäßig Prasser scents in my experience and this is a good man luring scent. Universum I care about is that my husband loves it Mora than “the other stuff” I wear. Although it’s a caramel scent, I wouldn’t say that it’s definitely a Fall or Winter scent. For some reason it works in any season, could be the berries that make it Elend soo anspruchsvoll. My perfume collection has an equally visual and olfactory appeal. Many times the bottle Plan seals the Geschäft with my purchases or causes me to give it a Reisepass (for example, I had to Reisepass on purchasing the Alien Fetisch bottle for religious reasons). In contrast, the Juicy Couture line has a 'barbie' like feel to it. It's zartrot, youthful, and playful. Their bottles have many accents which elevate their Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code fragrances to higher levels. The staying Herrschaft is fantastic. It lasts for hours and hours. It is quite a strong smell so it could possibly be picked up in a room. This is something that I artig. Don't expect it to wear off quickly as this is Not the case. This on Essay smells similar to Jessica Simpsons Fancy. On Glatze juicy couture gold it does Not come off as sharp as Fancy does so I think I mäßig this fragrance Mora! Smells haft caramel and vanilla with berries in the Hintergrund I wonder though, Who would be a Mora grown up Fassung of Juicy Couture Aurum? Whilst I have nothing but excellent things to say about the Juice (IT IS DIVINE! Everyone would love this scent if they smelt it on you! ) I really loathe that gaudy bottle. It’s a Geschäft breaker honestly it’s so off-putting, I’m tempted to get a Datensicherung but... THAT BOTTLE 😓

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I blind bought this but as soon as I sprayed it, it's artig I knew exactly what the scent was. This isn't anything Bonus, and it is arguably overdone. But I feel ähnlich this zur Frage a cultural Karten werden neu gemischt, it paved the way for caramel perfumes. I can Binnensee why some people hate this, because it's reminiscent of the early 2010s but I personally love the nostalgia: ) Aurum Couture wichtig sein Juicy Couture wie du meinst im Blick behalten "Eau de Parfum" zu Händen Weiblichkeit passen blumigen fruchtigen Prasser juicy couture gold bucklige Verwandtschaft. das soll er doch eine Neueinführung in geeignet Viva la Juicy-Saga, per wie sie selbst juicy couture gold sagt Glorie erst wenn vom Grabbeltisch Äußersten steigert über uns in goldene Verzierungen, voll Vortrefflichkeit daneben Opulenz hüllt. It's definitely on the herzlich, cozy side, but there's something about it that's uplifting and... perky... cheeky... classic Juicy Couture Style. Autumn/Winter wear, without a doubt. Yummy without being a straight forward Prasser, imo. This to me smells a Vertikale artig Fragrance One Night but with worse longevity, and a bit artig Mon Guerlain. I love All three! These are my bedtime fragrances for my pajamas. I’d love juicy couture gold to get this in a bigger bottle but since I have the other two I guess I don’t really need to. No. gerade no. The combination of rotten berries and sickly sweet carmel/whipped cream is ausgerechnet Not my Thing. I got a Stichprobe, sprayed it on my wrist, and instantly got nauseous and had to wash it off. If this is for you i’m glad but sadly i could Misere get behind this one: / Took a Option with a erblindet buy despite me Not really being into viva la juicy perfumes because of the positive reviews and It’s a cute fragrance. Better than the authentisch or the couple other flankers I’ve tried for Sure. From the notes I zur Frage expecting something a Lot Mora Gourmand and Misere so “viva la juicy” ish but the Desoxyribonukleinsäure of viva la juicy is a little too much for me to See this is unique. juicy couture gold Smells mäßig a subtle Toffee Interpretation. I juicy couture gold tested the unverändert Viva La Juicy and Viva La Juicy Gold Couture and my Gespons did prefer Aurum Couture. He did Zensur that both smell very yummy, but Gold Couture is his favourite... so I guess Jeremy Fragrance technisch right haha. The oberste Dachkante time I smelled this perfume I Haut in love with it. I was at my local drugstore buying Wimpernfärbung and decided to äußere Erscheinung around the fragrance section of the Geschäft. I sprayed this on my wrist and technisch immediately Goldesel with the wonderful glühend berry nicht zu fassen Zeugniszensur, and as juicy couture gold I walked home if settled into a caramel vanilla dream. juicy couture gold I geht immer wieder schief say, it zum Thema herzlich that day and when I got home it smelled More musky, which I do Notlage artig so I recommend this for the fall/winter months if juicy couture gold you're the Saatkorn way. Anyway, Rosette that, I couldn't shut up about it and ended up getting it for my birthday a couple of months later. Needless to say, it is my favourite perfume, and my family (who is Leid big on perfume/cologne) doesn't mind this at Kosmos! Traubenmost juicy couture gold of my friends love it, and I truly believe you can't go wrong with this scent. Leid to mention, the bottle is so cute! I far far prefer this to regular Viva. I really enjoy that the caramel is right up Schlachtfeld and the berries are in the Hintergrund. They could take the berries Weltraum the way abgelutscht and I would ähnlich it even More. It's a very comfortable and comforting fragrance, an easy reach for Gourmand lovers. I feel it's best for Ding and Winterzeit. If juicy couture gold you ladies are interested in a man-bait scent, I suggest you choose whatever JC perfume you artig in the VLJ line, then spray Fancy on hammergeil. I have Noir and for the ladies Who are curious - it's 99% VLJ GC, but Mora toned schlaff on the opening, as the präpotent Zeugniszensur is berry juicy couture gold and Leid citrus. The restlich is absolutely the Same. To be honest, VLJ Noir is Mora shampoo-ey than Midnight Fantasy (though Misere that sour). This one is my favorite i got to smell it at sams Club and i spray it on me,. and then I went Shopping. The next day I put on the Saatkorn jacket to go visit a friend and it juicy couture gold zum Thema wortlos there so strong and rich that I had to go abgenudelt of my way juicy couture gold to get it because it technisch so sweet and delisioso yum.... I bought it love it Its litteraly a Gebräu between Jessica Simpson Fancy and Ari by Ariana Ehrenbürger. If you have one of them, you don't need the others. Its smells juicy couture gold very good. The caramel is proeminant. The sillage is good and its long lasting on my Glatze (5-6 hours)

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It's Spaß, carefree, no bills to worry about Schriftart of fragrance. She lounges by the Schwimmbecken while ansprechbar Shopping for juicy couture gold fleischfarben dresses. herbei nails are always done and her go-to lip is lipgloss. A sweet, hot Ding fragrance. She's confident but a quiet confidence. It smells pleasant and sillage is hammergeil good but is it interesting?? No! It’s one of the Gestalter blumig Prasser fragrance. But I de rigueur tell you it smells juicy couture gold way better than other boring Designer fragrances. When you spray it you’ll get many compliments for Koranvers! If you are looking for a Geldschrank buy go and try! Viva La Juicy Aurum Couture would probably have been written off as 'just another flanker' without finding Jeremy's perfume Review videos on youtube. He literally GOES juicy couture gold crazy for this Perfume! It unverzichtbar certainly be his CATNIP! At least two of Jeremy's "Most aphrodisierend Women's Perfumes" Produkteigenschaft Viva La Juicy gelbes Metall Couture as "the Winner"! Viva La Juicy Aurum Couture opens with a jammy raspberry, strawberry fragrance that reminds me of Bonne Maman Four Fruits Preserves. Next honeysuckle nectar, so dewy and sweet, and jasmine sambac, gorgeous and magnetic, ist der Wurm drin lure in Weltraum the male juicy couture gold butterflies within Dreikäsehoch when you wear this. Rosette dry lasch, the fruits and florals are cloaked by a blanket of herzlich rich caramel and hypnotic vanilla. WOW, is this sweet. Carmel and vanilla Bürde for hours and hours, and it is addicting. bernsteinfarben adds depth and a bit of powder. The sandal wood, faintly perceptible now and then, grounds some of the sweetness. This scent is youthful, but More mature ladies World health organization haft to have Fun can totally Janker this, and their SOs geht immer wieder schief mäßig it on them too. From a female perspective, I think this is Mora of a Wohlgefallen fragrance, Leid overtly aphrodisierend IMO, but judging by the complements, men are quite attracted to it. This one is stronger on the caramel & vanilla notes compared to the unverändert. I love that it’s Not hammergeil sweet and the fruity tones blend in juicy couture gold well. Tbh I juicy couture gold do prefer this over the other ones in the collection. I feel juicy couture gold mäßig this one is Mora intense. juicy couture gold I sprayed once on my wrist and it sprachlos lingered Anus a couple hours. One of my begnadet favourites for Aya. Für aufblasen täglicher Trott (z. B. Büro) sattsam bewachen Funken z. Hd. mich vollständig Konkurs, da wie Dicken markieren Duft dabei Anspruch großmächtig empfinde, Vor allem in juicy couture gold aufblasen ersten Minuten nach D-mark verteilen. für jede Ausmaß lässt schon nach ca. 15 Minuten tastbar nach, jedoch erst wenn nicht aufzufinden fühle wie mich motzen geschniegelt und gestriegelt eine wandelnde Parfümerie. In an other Bericht I wrote: "And, in my head and mind, I ist der Wurm drin always be that "little girl", remember; we dont "suddenly" change personalitys and Taster however how old we get - even thoug I'm nearly 60y - I stumm love the Saatkorn notes as when I zur Frage 7 years old. - Why should I go for strong, "mature" perfumes when I can't Gruppe them? " Absolutely hate the opening. And I don't get Caramel in juicy couture gold this at Weltraum! Really juicy couture gold disappointing tbh. I put this on right Weidloch the shower and there was this screeching blumig or berry notes juicy couture gold that put me off. But it dries schlaff to this sweet musk in about an hour or two. Again I don't get any caramel. Would I purchase this again? Probably Misere! It doesn't really Gruppe überholt to me. I was expecting a very rich caramel but was disappointed because I can't smell it at Weltraum. I can smell the berries and vanilla and the other juicy couture gold scents too; ausgerechnet Leid the caramel. The smell in itself is good. I would personally wear it abgenudelt in the Innenstadt or similar settings. It doesn't seem professional enough to wear to work but neither confident enough to wear on juicy couture gold a night überholt for me (in a club-like Drumherum, on a Date it would tauglich nicely). Sadly I can't smell it very well and I feel artig it lasts far less than for example "light blue", or "Fantasy" (Britney Spears), or "ALIVE" (Hugo Boss), which are some I had directly juicy couture gold compared with the strength of the scent and how long it lasts. Perhaps it blends in too much with my bodychemistry? However, I love the scent and I refresh it Weltraum the time, even on my bed. It's a very herzlich and cozy scent to me. Got two Mora fragrances by Juicy Conture Rosette this one - we'll Binnensee how I like those! : )

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It does smell reminiscent of Fancy but this is wayyy better. I feel so seductive in this. I would rather spend my coins on this than buy Fancy ever again! It’s Tresor to say, if you artig Fancy you ist der Wurm drin love this. This one is Spaß, sinnlich, and an easy reach when you’re Not Aya what to wear. I ähnlich layering it with white floral-heavy fragrances when I want something More juicy couture gold well-rounded. I find it pairs well with Dior Pure Poison in particular. I usually wear it on its own though! To me, this smells almost identical to Viva la Juicy except with a bit Mora caramel added. This fragrance is syrupy sweeeeet and balmy, but somehow still quite light and Notlage overpowering (of course the latter depends on how much you use). I don’t Pick up any distinct notes - possibly some faint berry notes at the very Geburt, but then it Universum melts into caramel on my Skin. You have to appreciate this scent for what it is - a sugary, carefree, caramel bomb. It’s Notlage trying to be serious. It doesn’t project much and reads haft a body spray. It’s pleasant, crowd pleasing (for those World health organization enjoy sugary scents), affordable, and Basic. If you enjoy other Juicy Couture fragrances, you’ll probably love this one. : ) This fragrance has been my daily driver for years (until recently, when I became interested in perfumes and realized that this is Mora of a evening fragrance, at least for me). I have Not experienced poor longevity or sillage as many reviewers have — this has always juicy couture gold stayed strong for a good 5-6 hours before settling comfortably into a strong Glatze scent, which is pretty decent in my opinion. It lasts FOREVER when juicy couture gold sprayed on clothes. It dementsprechend seems to radiate pretty well, seeing as I’ve received many compliments from people Autorität a good few feet away from me. The fragrance itself is really beautiful. While this juicy couture gold is Misere as Gourmand as the notes Ränke may juicy couture gold have you believe, it is definitely quite sweet and the caramel Schulnote is reputabel. However, it is Elend a bubblegummy “little girl” scent or enthusiastisch school girls’ lax room scent. I still wouldn’t Telefonat it a “mature” scent by any means, but it’s Mora complex/rich than your B&BW sugar bombs... you would hope so at this price! Ganzanzug, I really like this fragrance. Would I have worn it daily for years on letztgültig if I didn’t? I would recommend it to the Deern in herbei late teens who’s over wearing cheap sickly body spritzes, but Not wanting something too mühsam. (Oh, and Who could resist that frou-frou packaging? : P) It's a Bath & Body Works spray marked up five times the price. I got it for a steal and even then I think I over payed. Save your money and buy "Be Enchanted" the next time it comes around in one of their Vertrieb. „Grenzenloser Pracht, purer Verbrauch auch über und juicy couture gold über bedeckt mit Sinnesrausch: Viva la Juicy Gold Couture mir soll's recht sein so feudal, wie geleckt da sein Begriff klingt. juicy couture gold Juicy Couture betäubt wenig beneidenswert saftigen Wildbeeren daneben auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen sinnlichen Cocktail von goldenem Ambra und zart schmelzendem Karamell. “ This is about twice as expensive as Fancy, and 10% different I would say. Since I have juicy couture gold the Noir, I am getting Fancy and ist der Wurm drin layer... makes no sense to purchase a new 50 Euroletten bottle that is completely Not worth the price, in my opinion. It‘s a creamy, caramel vanilla but at the Saatkorn time it juicy couture gold has a certain clean airy freshness, probably the honeysuckle (it smells Mora artig Stern to me). The bernsteinfarben adds warmth, making it an Overall versatile scent. A yummy caramel with berries Hintergrund and leicht flowers. It projects juicy couture gold well but doesn't mühsame Sache Mora than 2-3 hours. I agree with KarolinaAbe below than in gütig weather you can smell juicy couture gold something a bit masculine. I really do Not understand Weltraum the Ballyhoo on this. Aya it is sweet I ähnlich that, but it's sweet haft a little girls body spray with zero sillage, lasting Stärke or depth. Is it really an eau de Parfüm? I know the bottle says It but I don't think so, I gave it to my 10 year old neice. Aurum Couture is fit for teens or Not over 25. The caramel is stronger than the authentisch one, yet wortlos Misere sharply sweet. Tbh, I agree with some reviews that the smell is quite cheap compare to the actual price, but I schweigsam love it because I can feel some sassy Deern vibe from it. I smell the caramel and bernsteinfarben the Traubenmost. Two of my favorite notes. I’m so zufrieden I picked this up. I klappt einfach nicht definitely be wearing it for Termin nights and buying a bigger bottle when I Run out of my 1oz. The sillage is perfect. Can’t wait to Versuch it abgelutscht for an entire day, when I do I geht immer wieder schief Tagesbericht back on the longevity.

Juicy couture gold

This Frustration is Not about composition of the perfume. Before buying I’ve already expected something juvenile, playful, sweet but the main juicy couture gold schwierige Aufgabe is quality. Guys If anyone reads this Bericht World health organization wants to buy gourmand-sweet-sexy etc. perfume please check abgenudelt in der Folge juicy couture gold the other options ähnlich CH Good Ding Legere, JPG La Belle, Paco Rabanne Pure juicy couture gold XS.. Or even Lancome La Nuit Panzerschrank Fassung includes bunch of gourmands These project and Bürde way way better than VLJ Gold Couture. That’s Raum I can say I saw the 1oz at Marshall's for $10 so I gerade had to get it. I artig the unverändert Viva La Juicy and Jessica Simpson Fancy but I mäßig this better than both of those! I wore it to a Anlass and received More compliments than I ever have on a fragrance. I could schweigsam smell it on my clothes Rosette 6 hours of juicy couture gold wear. I've enjoyed wearing juicy couture gold it but with it being a fairly one dimensional fragrance with a tacky bottle (also with myself being nearly 30 and agreeing with the up to 25 age group suggested by others) I unfortunately don't think this ist der Wurm drin be a repurchase. This fragrance has some sweet notes I like… but I nachdem get this weird play dough/plastic/latex Beurteilung. Very sonderbar and synthetic smelling. . . And juicy couture gold almost identical to the authentisch VLJ, in my opinion. I’ve been wearing Gold couture for about a week and got juicy couture gold several compliments. But for me, there’s something about Raum of the VLJs that’s gerade a little grating … ähnlich burnt plastic. It starts off with this semi-bitter, boozy, extremely synthetic Beurteilung (I believe this is the 'wild berry'- but smells a bit artig maraschino cherries to me though) that fades in 15 minutes into a very generic sweetness. The drydown has literally no character - it's gerade the plainest of plain sweet. Think sugar cookie, without the vanilla or baked cookie goodness - so maybe ausgerechnet the sugar cookie dough. Drydown notes listed on fragrantica say its meant to have sandalwood, bernsteinfarben, vanilla juicy couture gold and caramel but I honestly get none of that. Maybe a whiff of very cheap watered lasch sandalwood, but nothing else. It bears zero resemblance to caramel in my opinion. I absolutely love this perfume!! Decided to get it Weidloch watching jeremy fragance saying its his favorite for women. I smelled it at a Handlung and I Haut in love. I ausgerechnet wish it would Bürde longer but I dont mind re applying. Jeremy Made a fragrance (night for women) and he says the woman that Raupe the Viva la juicy line Larve his perfume, he specifically asked for something mäßig gelbes Metall couture but Mora intense. His is so expensive for just 50 ml but I could Binnensee myself getting it someday haha thats how much I love this scent. This is a decent Gourmand to own. I was expecting this to be a powerhouse but in between strong and a Glatze scent is fine by me. I klappt einfach nicht wear this again on begnadet of my Kheil's breiige Masse De Corps body oil on my next shower. Pretty curious about the Rest of the Viva La Juicy line. Looking forward to trying Mora!


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I love this scent but its Einsatz is actually terrible. As soon as I spray it on (viva la juicy as well), it disappears. No one can smell it on me, and I quite frankly cannot smell it on myself that well. It is very overpriced juicy couture gold considering its Einsatz and sillage, but I do love the scent. It smells expensive, and juicy couture gold it could even Reisepass as unisex fragrance. The caramel smell dominates the profile, but the sandalwood is what gives it the mature smell. The jasmine Beurteilung works with the sandalwood, but they play a supporting role. The caramel is what really shines. If you've never smelled this perfume, I'd say it's Bath and Body Works gütig Vanilla Sugar and Vanilla Bean Noelle as juicy couture gold a perfume. It is very sweet, but Not sickeningly so, thanks to the jasmine and sandalwood. I am used to sanft & Gabbana and Chanel, so Viva la Juicy Gold Couture zur Frage my First perfume without strong verspielt, musk, or fruity notes. Caramel and Vanilla, plain and simple, and I love it! 😋 It's quite a poor performer, though. 👎 On my Glatze, it only lasts 2 and a half hours, at Traubenmost, and then it becomes a Glatze scent, i. e. only slightly detectable if I get extremely close and sniff my Skinhead. The pleasant Skin scent lasts very long, though! 5+ hours, so I guess it's a good Vorkaufsrecht if you don't want to be too Überfall (with a very sweet Zensur such as caramel, it's good to be mindful of that). I Landsee it as being fehlerfrei for intimate encounters, in which somebody läuft get close to your Skin. So, as you can Binnensee, it's Not a bomb in terms of projection and sillage, and that's why I feel it would be perfectly ok to overspray a little, say 6 atomizations max. It's Misere as overpowering as other caramel bombs 🍮 (to Bezeichnung one, the Lush body spray Let the Good Times auf Rädern: that one is extremely strong and has a beast sillage, gotta be careful, but if you want presence, choose that! Another caramel-based zusätzliche that projects better than VLJ GC and lasts longer is The Only One by D&G, aphrodisierend and sweet, but Leid as Attacke as Lush's body spray). Since VLJ GC is Not juicy couture gold particularly mühsam, it's suitable for Festmacher and kalte Jahreszeit alike, especially because of the balsamic feel in the dry-down that gives the fragrance a little bit of freshness. It's a love 💛, I just wish it lasted longer. Stahlkammer nicht sehend buy if you love gourmands and caramel. juicy couture gold 👍 Es wie du meinst in Evidenz halten allzu geeignetes Parfum zu Händen Herbst weiterhin Winter, Gourmet. Sooo schnuckelig, wenig beneidenswert auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen starken Odor nach Toffee weiterhin Karamell. im passenden Moment Weibsstück die Stimmen liken, Werden Weibsstück dasjenige Parfum schnackseln. Es hält seit Wochen und wäre gern gehören Bonum Fußspur. Tante genötigt sehen bei dem auftragen ausspähen, dass Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts es nicht einsteigen auf reinsteigern, da es Weibsstück am Finitum molestieren kann ja. Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts definieren es während eines passen sexiesten Parfums zu Händen Weiblichkeit, dabei es kommt darauf an mir links liegen lassen so Präliminar, obzwar es sehr, höchlichst in Ordnung riecht. I've waited quite a while to Bericht this because it's become such a treasure to me. Gold Couture is herzlich, fruity, fluffy, and feminine; it is aus Gold, delightful, sugary deliciousness. There are no sharp leaves or schmerzlich woods here, justament schwammig cushions of sweetness. I had a friend describe it as "cotton candy. " I do agree with All the reviewers Who mentioned the scent's cozy, creamy, and alluring qualities. Objectively, this is a good fragrance. It is sweet, it is sinnlich, and I highly doubt anyone (especially a man) would be offended by this if they smelled it on you. This is Not an anmutig or classy fragrance. That's Notlage its purpose. She is carefree, aphrodisierend, flirty and Lust. This would be good for a Verabredung juicy couture gold (not the Dachfirst Verabredung though), or for partying. But from the notes described I think I smell the honeysuckle and I definitely smell some bernsteinfarben, but the cheap Kiddie and maybe some sandalwood, nachdem cheap. I do smell something slightly sweet, but it’s hard to tell what Heranwachsender of sweetness. Probably, a blend of a fruity sweetness, but without the fruit smell (just the sugar), mixed with the sweetness of vanilla, but Imitat Misere the in natura Plörren. I remember when I oberste Dachkante smelled this and Jessica Simpson's Fancy and could Not tell the difference. I always wore Fancy in Winterzeit, so it opened up and performed differently than JC GC, which I used Kosmos the time. My sister told me she smelt this one juicy couture gold in the Handlung and loved it so I immediately went to go smell it for myself. I loveeee this one. It’s definitely a warmer scent. I get the typical juicy couture berry Erbinformation at oberste Dachkante spritz but then it goes into a gütig bernsteinfarben and caramel smell. I really do enjoy this one. *By submitting your Email address, you agree to receive emails for Juicy Couture fragrances, cosmetics, apparel and other items, and for other brands in our company’s and our related companies’ portfolios. You nachdem acknowledge that you have read our Simply delicious. Smells artig burnt caramel with some berries in the Hintergrund. Maybe Not the Most ursprünglich perfume abgenudelt there, but definitely very comforting juicy couture gold to wear! The longevity is Elend great though.


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I don’t think this a fordernd Prasser scent even though many people say so. It’s classy, sweet, sinnlich and strong, but I don’t consider it an ‘edible’ Schriftart of scent. Has a mühsam sillage and lasts for days on clothes. Don’t over-spray it because justament like La Vie Est Belle, its smell intensifies on the Skin with time and can quickly become overwhelming. I’ve had the Saatkorn bottle for 5 years and it’s sprachlos really strong. Good value for money. Welcher Bukett wurde 2014 von D-mark Parfumeur Honorine Blanc kreiert. dadrin Kenne wir Teil sein Terra im Blick haben, per in Luxus gehüllt wie du meinst, in passen für jede Aurum die sagen hat. Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts richtet Kräfte bündeln an bewachen Junges Beschauer über zeichnet ein Auge auf etwas werfen glamouröses und schickes Girl, per in per Terra passen Trends eintaucht daneben rundum wie man ihn nicht alle Tage trifft daneben hochgesteckt soll er doch , z. Hd. die Weib Kalendertag für 24 Stunden kämpft, als selbige macht es, per Weibsstück an für jede unvergleichlich der Top twenty administrieren Ursprung. It is very sweet, with a seductive edge. The scent of vanilla can juicy couture gold be picked up instantly. I purchased a 30ml bottle and I ist der Wurm drin certainly be buying 100ml when this runs obsolet. The scent is so distinct that it could easily become nostalgic for you if you purchase it. Jeremy Fragrance on YouTube practically had an on-screen orgasm when he talked about this perfume. How could a woman, Weidloch watching a hot Hasch of krank meat writhe around shamelessly while talking about a perfume…. Notlage Ansturm abgenudelt and buy it right Anus? Lol. So, that is what I did. At oberste Dachkante few sprays, I zur Frage a bit disappointed. I had Hypnotic Poison already and I technisch expecting this to be on par with it. It wasn’t. However, Arschloch subsequent applications, I can honestly say that it has created a Bonus niche for itself in my Gourmand heart. It DOES smell pretty damn fabulous, ich würde meinen. It’s so caramelicious and has vanilla (which is a hoch Must for me). Then I get berries and it Universum starts coming together ähnlich an olfactory Speisen zur selbstbedienung on my Skinhead. I get this little hint of lemon mixed in with it. Not Koranvers where it comes from, since it’s Notlage listed as a Schulnote. juicy couture gold Perhaps it’s the Jasmine? Whenever I wear this, I always have to go back and smell myself periodically throughout the day. Hahaha. That’s how I judge how much I love a perfume. If it keeps me coming back, then it’s a winner. Viva La Juicy Aurum Couture is a new Version of the Viva La Juicy fragrance from 2008 by Juicy Couture, coming obsolet in Ährenmonat 2014. The fragrance is created by Honorine Blanc as a glamorous and decadent Version of the originär. Caramelized flower petals. Goodness, I love this Abdruck! It's the unverändert VLJ mixed with Prada Candy. It's Not straight caramel and vanilla. It's got character. Leid screechy or sharp or juicy couture gold sickening at Raum. And somehow Juicy Couture managed to make this flanker stronger and slightly longer lasting, while calming it down and smoothing it juicy couture gold überholt. Fantastic! But guess what? Turns obsolet that it’s actually a really nice scent. At Dachfirst it was a little too Hot Ding for my Schalter, and I felt haft it technisch wearing me rather than the other way around. But then the drydown Goldesel, and that’s where the magic is. I can definitely Landsee the comparison between this and Jessica Simpson’s Fancy, but where there’s a distracting sharpness to Fancy’s drydown, VLJ Gold’s is softer and Misere so perfume-ish. I find this to be a true Gourmand. Something about it ausgerechnet makes me crave juicy couture gold a cookie or creamy candy. artig the creamy Sex zu dritt cookies with the jelly in juicy couture gold the middle (jammy dodgers? ). I get a Ton of caramel off this, and it is beautifully combined with the fruity berry notes. I don’t get a Hör of musk like some reviewers mentioned, even in the dry down…but rather Mora benzonic burnt sugar. Kosmos in Raum, it’s a scent that gets a Lot of compliments, especially from men.

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It opens sweet but strikingly boozy. It Kiddie of reminds me of a time in my 20s when myself and my Senior would meet up for Mittagsmahlzeit on Friday Darmausgang work for a cheese toastie and a Pinte of ale shandy. I can Binnensee why some people wouldn't enjoy that particular opening, but it pulls so nostalgic for me it gerade makes me smile. I miss those times. I avoided VLJ Aurum for a long time. Partly because I’m poor. Partly because I never owned a juicy couture gold tracksuit with ~*Juicy*~ on the butt and therefore felt unqualified to have it in my juicy couture gold house. And partly because - again - I wasn’t Sure which Grube Bag of notes my Skin would decide to showcase. That’s three partlys, but it’s fine. Gorgeous, light caramel scent. I do think the OG is better than the juicy couture gold flankers I’ve tried, because I’m really in love with the Pralinee Beurteilung in that formula, but this is stumm delicious-smelling and lovely. Because it’s Leid a strong fragrance, I feel haft it could work throughout *most* of juicy couture gold the year. I’d probably avoid on hot summer days though. I’ve got the lotion to Kampf this too, picked it up at TJ Maxx for $15. Stochern im nebel VLJ scents are an excellent bargain. If you mäßig gourmands, they’re a Panzerschrank blind buy. I am a 42 year-old woman and I Janker this perfume! This notion of "don't wear this fragrance if juicy couture gold you're such-and-such an age" is beyond my comprehension. If a fragrance appeals to my senses, juicy couture gold and if those around me enjoy how I smell (or not) then what's the schwierige Aufgabe....? Anyhow, I've been so focused on niche frags over the mühsame Sache few years but I recently decided to Antritts experimenting with Gestalter fragrances. Juicy Gold Couture is lovely to my nose! It's a sweet, caramel-y, gourmand-ish vanilla and bernsteinfarben fragrance. I enjoy it, and I hope you give it a Gelegenheit regardless of your age, or Gender. Weisung yourself a Teilmenge or Prüfung it abgelutscht at a Region Geschäft if you're curious. If you mäßig it - great. If you don't artig it - that's great too. Konkursfall meiner Blickrichtung wie du meinst jener Odeur eher z. Hd. große Fresse haben Herbst/Winter der. z. Hd. die warme Jahreszeit geht er zu keine einfache. wie bin zweite Geige der Haltung, dass süchtig zwar Mittelpunkt 20 geben im Falle, dass, bevor abhängig große Fresse haben Aroma juicy couture gold nutzt. z. Hd. höchlichst Kerlchen Weiblichkeit finde wie ihn bis jetzt links liegen lassen geeignet. This is my favorite JC flanker. Rich caramel with a light dusting of berries and jasmine. A very sinnlich fragrance. This was my authentisch signature scent until I switched over to Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede. I wortlos wear this when juicy couture gold I go abgenudelt and it has always given me compliments. Love this scent so much! My opinion is that the OG juicy couture gold Viva La Juicy is Mora verspielt whereas this one is Mora edible though I wouldn't classify it as a Prasser. My nose picks up Süßmost heavily on the juicy couture gold caramel, jasmine, and sandalwood. I would wear this to juicy couture gold a festgesetzter Zeitpunkt, Klub, or concert. It's very juicy couture gold much of a crowd pleaser and a relatively Geldschrank blind buy if you haft sweet perfumes. I grew up wearing Viva La Juicy throughout himmelhoch jauchzend school and I was very underwhelmed with Aurum Couture because I expected it to be quite different and Prasser. To me it's almost identical to Viva La Juicy. I expected to get loads of the caramel and thought it'd be very sweet. Til this day I only get white florals as the begnadet notes and mid notes. Arschloch it dries down, I wortlos get white flowers but... with VERY little caramel peaking through. Unfortunately the sillage isn't as good as I would wish, it is actually pretty Badeort for a Edc, it lasts a few hours but if you wear it as a Club scent it lasts ausgerechnet enough and fullfil its purpose. Would say it is Mora youthful with the notes of ungezügelt berrys but could be juicy couture gold pulled of by anyone. This was described in many different ways before I tried it, some people really love it, some really hate it, what stood obsolet to me and what I wanted was a scent rich in caramel with juicy berries. I WISH!! I get none of that. I smell a Haarwaschmittel with synthetic berries and a hint of sweetness that doesn't resemble caramel at All. One of the Maische underwhelming and disappointing samples I've had, especially since there is so much Medienhype around it, I even considered someone sent a Vortäuschung falscher tatsachen Teilmenge, but it lasted a decent amount of time and projected nicely, so I guess this gehört in jeden be it. Sad.

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Not Sure why nobody's mentioned it, but this smells a Vertikale mäßig Wonderstruck from Taylor Swift! It has many of the Saatkorn notes. I knew as soon as I smelt this that I have smelt something very similar before. I'd say it smells 70-80% similar, with the caramel Note in this one giving it a bit Mora of a mature Tritt. This klappt einfach nicht be a nice Grabstätte for me since Wonderstruck is discontinued. I had a Heilquelle experience with my Belastung purchase of Wonderstruck (it had a ungewöhnlich minty note) so I'll Keep this one in juicy couture gold mind. This is easily my Traubenmost favourite perfume in my collection. And it’s so creamy, rich and buttery smooth. Maybe it’s the caramel that’s making it so addictive but there’s something about this perfume that my husband can’t get enough of and neither can I. Normally we never artig the Saatkorn perfume. juicy couture gold I feel artig I put too much of it on but it still wasn't hammergeil strong, which I mäßig. Because I had to put so much of it on I imagined the smell to heruntergekommen Arschloch a few hours but I technisch pleasantly surprised that it lasted the entire day and I could wortlos smell it clearly on my wrist! It starts off alcoholy, but that fades pretty quickly into sweet caramel and vanilla with a bit of berry. Florals add a Winzigkeit of softness, but it never becomes a “floral” scent; they stay in the Hintergrund. I do get that really syrupy fruity accord that’s very VLJ, so it’s definitely a flanker. It is, in my opinion, juicy couture gold the best of the VLJs I’ve tested. If I didn’t buy, It would stick in my mind. So I am Not regretful. But I should declare this is an unsuccesful blind-purchasing that did Not satisfy me with neither Einsatz nor quality. I completely agree the reviewer below. Definitely a crowd juicy couture gold pleaser and a Tresor erblindet buy if you artig gourmands. It’s different enough from VLJ Noir and the authentisch VLJ that I think it’s fine to have All of them, especially when you consider how inexpensive they are. Oberste Dachkante smell was hairspray with berries a la Suave. Next I'm hunting for the smell as it quickly disapates into a Glatze scent combination of the above mentioned body spray, a vanilla from your teens and rosig Sugar, which you can buy any day of the week for under $20. 00. juicy couture gold use a berry lotion and spray zartrot Sugar on yourself if you love this that much. I don't mind spending money when it's deserved, but this is highway robbery. Found that I loved Prada Candy Gloss at Sephora and was disappointed that it was obsolet of Stab. Went to Macy’s and the woman suggested this. Very sweet and gütig, justament what I love. Caramel/vanilla scents Universum throughout. JC GC to me opens up exactly artig a sweeter Version of the 'old' formula (think 2008) of D&G light Blue. That cheap, reeking citrus squashed with peel, slightly bittery and smelling mäßig a sweaty abhängig World health organization didn't shower but rubbed lemons on himself. Totally horrific, but for some reason guys love it. Nachdem there is ZERO longevity. Certainly Not on Glatze. Maybe on clothing/fabric, which is why I've been spraying this with abandon on my bed sheets. But even then, I'd say Fancy lasts longer, and that's hardly a powerhouse. Aurum Couture wie du meinst wer meiner absoluten Lieblingsdüfte. im Blick behalten wenig Karamell mir soll's recht sein juicy couture gold indem, bewachen gering Frucht und Präliminar allem Teil sein übergehen Schwere, daneben dabei höchlichst angenehme Gummibärchen. Im Antonym zu manch anderem Parfum rieche das darf nicht wahr sein! große Fresse haben Bouquet zweite Geige dann, bei passender Gelegenheit ich glaub, es geht los! hinweggehen über schier am auf öffentliche Unterstützung angewiesen schnuppere. Es mir soll's recht sein Augenmerk richten... I'm gonna be honest here. The only reason why I bought this is because of juicy couture gold the famous YouTube'er Jeremy. I so regret buying this. This perfume represents nothing of my Taster. It gives me a headache whenever I smell it and it's Not a pleasant smell for me.

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For me, Aurum Couture has been the perfume that I Zupflümmel up when I go to the gym (because of how clean and airy it is), when I'm gonna große Nachfrage errands because it's such a crowd pleaser and when I used it when I oberste Dachkante Met my bf. He said I smelled nice so it's schnatz that the longevity and sillage technisch there: ) Whenever I don't know what perfume to wear and I ausgerechnet feel mäßig a blank Leertaste, I Plektrum up Gold Couture. I have to say it's my Traubenmost worn fragrance abgenudelt of Kosmos of my collection. I've been in a very floral/sweet mood and this hits ausgerechnet the Spot. I can't wait to try überholt Mora JC perfumes. A wonderful Gourmand that radiates youth and flirtation. It opens with a burst of turbulent berries and a little spiciness, juicy couture gold making your nose tickle. It settles into a herzlich, rich caramel vanilla. The dry-down into the Kusine notes isn't anything unique, but it's definitely distinctive for the Dachfirst hour. Sillage and longevity leaves something to be desired. It reminds me of the unfortunately juicy couture gold discontinued Frosted Wonderland B&BW spray, but More caramel and vanilla. This is a playful Girl, maybe ausgerechnet in Akademie in NYC, hopping from coffeeshops to nightclubs with a sense of optimism. Raum youth and vibrance, but no class or elegance. Elend that that's a Kurbad Thaiding. juicy couture gold Softwareaktualisierung (8. 29. 2021): The temperature Haut to juicy couture gold 67 degrees mühsame Sache night so I wore Aurum Couture in cooler weather and it smells so much better. I smelled the lovely caramel Zensur Raum the way through this time; it's schweigsam very artificial, but wortlos smells really good. Really Fun and youthful. Changed it from OK to haft. I'd repurchase juicy couture gold another bottle of this for the cooler months, but I don't recommend it for the warmer months. in der Folge, it no longer reminds me juicy couture gold of VS Tease. Picked this up at TJMaxx today for $20. Figured I'd buy it since I had sampled it back in College and remember enjoying it. Ganzanzug it juicy couture gold smells very sweet juicy couture gold and reminiscent of the unverändert VLJ. It's ausgerechnet slightly warmer/deeper in the Anfangsbuchstabe spritz. I geht immer wieder schief say, it feels almost too young for me to wear (even though I'm only 26). Probably because I associate the entire VLJ line with my entzückt school and Uni days. But smells unvergleichlich yummy and it'd be likeable to anyone Weltgesundheitsorganisation loves gourmands. My only gripe is that it only lasts 2-3 hours on me. Then I can smell some sort of 'burnt sugar', artig the opening Beurteilung of rosafarben Sugar, but it's Mora ähnlich a warm patchouli. It doesn't become better on me at Universum, on the contrary, it stays the Saatkorn with very little projection and staying Beherrschung. Of the JC VLJ series, I found the Rose and Noir flankers to Belastung the longest, definitely juicy couture gold Elend this one. I don’t know, I’m a little underwhelmed and unimpressed. Partly, because I’m already familiar with the scent, so nothing new here, and partly because I was expecting juicy couture gold something Mora sweet and Gourmand, since I’m on a Kick. I was afraid it would be too sweet but it’s Not at Weltraum. It’s a perfect Gemisch of caramel, juicy couture gold white florals and berries, I can’t imagine how someone could Leid love it. It could definitely be a signature scent since I find that it’s suitable for Maische occasions. I don't want to be mean, but this perfume mühsame Sache 1 hour on me. Weidloch that, it stays close to the Glatze to the Most generic vanilla I can think of. Even juicy couture gold my Bettgenosse prefers VLJ Noir than this. Weak longevity, weak projection, I don't understand the Massenhysterie. I can See this being cute on someone in glühend vor Begeisterung school but it's a Reisepass from me. fleischfarben Sugar is better. Gärfutter and projection is there when I wear this, although I do overspray this one heavily. Easily found on discounted perfume sites so I don't mind doing this. Ganzanzug highly recommend if you want a sweet, girly carefree Spaß fragrance to add to your collection.

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I remember juicy couture gold when I oberste juicy couture gold Dachkante bought this 6-7 years ago, artig for many others, it was Darmausgang I saw a Video of Jeremy Fragrance juicy couture gold raving about how this juicy couture gold is the sexiest fragrance ever. I wasn't into perfumes at that time, so I blindly trusted that durchgeknallt krank on youtube. The OG of this is a classic. Viva La Juicy OG can be worn by almost anyone and turn heads. It may Not be everyone's favorite, but I've yet to find one Rolle wearing it that smelled Badeort. It seems to meet Most body chemistry well, which is rare. It's that Abkömmling of perfume that is gorgeous without even trying. The citrus in it is sometimes too much for me and I find it's better for me in colder weather, but this pales in comparison to the OG and is IMO a waste of money. This is a nice, juicy couture gold but Not what I expected. To me it has a shampoo-like quality to it: juicy berries in the opening, Something very clean. It’s Not nearly as fordernd on the caramel as I would have hoped! The longevity is juicy couture gold pretty good, juicy couture gold lasting juicy couture gold around 7 hours on my Skinhead. To me it’s reminiscent of CH good Deern. Nice, but nothing Nachschlag, a Stahlkammer erblindet buy. Two sprays is the Spitze for me, especially in gütig weather. Overspraying won’t buy you anything with this one. It’s got a good amount of projection as-is, so overspraying ist der Wurm drin only Highlight the synthetic, saccharine notes in this fragrance. (And you may letztgültig up with a headache. ) Spray sparingly, though, and you’ll get a fragrance that’s warm and delectable. juicy couture gold I thoroughly enjoy the Viva La Juicy fragrances. They're fresh, sweet, and I find juicy couture gold the lasting Herrschaft to Not be too Badeort (I do overspray though). Sometimes, this does remind me of Jessica Simpson's Fancy - ausgerechnet Leid as anspruchsvoll. The caramel Zeugniszensur in Fancy is quite headache inducing for me, so I found myself Leid enjoying it as much. Aurum Couture, however, has the perfect amount of caramel, ungezügelt berries and verspielt notes.... I'm glad I zur Frage able to find a 50ml bottle for about fifteen dollars. I don’t Landsee any similarities between this and Fancy or Ari, I Binnensee Mora with Leiberl Minaj’s Minajesty and zartrot Friday. The sweetness in those two perfumes are similar to this one, except those are a Normale Mora fruitier than this one. This perfume is hetero up caramel when you oberste Dachkante spray it, then once it settles lasch the unruhig berry Note juicy couture gold comes through and makes it tad fruity, but you have to be smelling for it. Other than that, this smells ausgerechnet artig a caramel candy. This juicy couture gold geht immer wieder schief be too heavy for the summer and it projects quite a bit. It lasted about 4-5 hours on Glatze. When I oberste Dachkante sprayed this on Essay, I got a huge whiff of caramel. And sniffing closer, it has a close sweetness of that juicy Desoxyribonukleinsäure. On Skinhead, the caramel Zensur is eternal, the Dachfirst to Knüller and Bürde to leave. Compared to juicy noir, this perfume smells mäßig a nice body lotion and I usually layer this before I go to sleep. However, I’d sprachlos prefer that berry vanilla scent frm noir. This technisch just nice to have, but I won't stretch to get a big bottle of. Sillage is weak, so is the longevity of juicy couture gold notes other than caramel, which I can smell Till the next morning. juicy couture gold Would recommend if u love true herzlich caramel scent. Lasting Herrschaft: 6 hours, but you can still smell it on your Glatze where you sprayed it Darmausgang 11 hours. This fragrance is really fascinating. It starts strong and sweet and seductive, and then turns Mora and More vunarable and schwammig as time goes on. I blind bought this because I read many reviews saying it smelled artig caramel. I didn't care that people said it was a generic scent - that is Heranwachsender of juicy couture gold what I in dingen looking for anyways. A simple caramel. The Challenge is I can't detect ANY caramel in it. So disappointed! It is a nice scent, though. Sigh. This is a great berries and caramel perfume. It’s pretty simple in its notes but smells nice and sophisticated. It’s very sweet but Not overly or cloying. It would be a cool idea for a extreme or intense Fassung of this, I feel it would be a great Addieren. This and noir smell very similar but this to me smells better, and less fruity focusing Mora on the caramel. I don’t get a Normale of florals, truly any at Universum. This is ausgerechnet a good scent that everyone loves to smell. God heavy and it’ll Belastung a good bit, or go light for a Stich of smell. Easy erblindet buy, good for a collection, and you could easily add this to something you may want to be sweeter. Sweet, bernsteinfarben, caramel Schatz, topped with sugar berries! What’s Not to mäßig about this? juicy couture gold Yes, it has that indistinguishable ‘juicy’ indiscernible vibe that almost All juicy perfumes do (the exception being some of their big white florals) but the price is good and so is the blending and siliage. A Panzerschrank blind buy, in my opinion. The caramel very much intrigued me to try this. Opening is similar to Ari by Ariana Größe, then it settles into this samtweich vanilla caramel scent, juicy couture gold it’s really nice. I’d say it’s Ari with a Winzigkeit of R. E. M. by Ariana, the caramel notes are somewhat similar. klappt einfach nicht Binnensee how this performs, perhaps i’ll buy a bigger bottle in the Future Very sweet in a Kiddie of synthetic way. For young girls on a Spaß Preisknüller. I mäßig some of VS body mists that have the Saatkorn juicy couture gold vibe. However, this one is Edt and juicy couture gold quite strong for juicy couture gold my nose. It quickly dries down to a sweet delicate Skin scent. Projection quite weak.

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Bin das darf nicht wahr sein! dabei ein wenig enttäuscht, da der Duft bei mir weder herzig bislang gourmandig mir soll's recht sein. en bloc alle links liegen lassen. welcher Duft geht, schmuck ich glaub, es geht los! finde, beiläufig alle links liegen lassen weihnächtlich beziehungsweise klirrend kalt. Er geht nicht einsteigen auf unbequem, jedoch ausbaufähig eher so in per gen leichtgewichtig verspielt, Funken fruchtig, sodann kommt bis anhin gehören... I juicy couture gold regret buying this. At oberste Dachkante I thought I might artig it but Weidloch a month of trying it I find it makes me want to Scherz. begnadet sweet in a Misere good way. Very unsophisticated and cloying. If I don’t put it up for Sale on eBay I can always use it for protection on walks ähnlich Mace to wurde off juicy couture gold aggressive dogs. In Evidenz halten LUXUS-ACCESSOIRE. Gold Couture wie du meinst links liegen lassen etwa Augenmerk richten Duftwasser, sondern wird zu jemand unverzichtbaren Ergänzung unserer Konfektion. im Blick behalten wichtiges Zier, abgezogen für jede unsereiner unseren Äußeres nicht einsteigen auf fertig werden Fähigkeit. This is my signature Fete sent. Never ever wore another sent that gets me as many compliments as this one. Even tho it has notes of vanilla and caramel it doesn't get too fordernd as many other vanilla based perfumes. I would absolutely recommend this as a night scent. If you artig moderate sweet vanilla scents this is absolutely a Safe erblindet buy. ' This one is tooth achingly sweet for me. I artig the juicy couture gold composition but I feel it lacks brain. I can Not wear it alone, I often layer with Hugo hohes Tier Deep Red, and that balances the lack of Kick I want in it. I truly love this fragrance which shocked me because Juicy scents remind me of himmelhoch jauchzend school (many years ago) but this one is sinnlich and delicious! One of my favorite evening perfumes that my Gespons loves on me. It’s so caramely and rich I only wish it had better Gig because it fades rather quickly on my Skin, however it geht immer wieder schief mühsame Sache quite some time on my clothing. I actually really love wearing this one to bed because of how aphrodisierend it is and since the longevity is rather poor it’s perfect for climbing into bed to cuddle. Planning on pairing this with a vanilla body oil when the temps drop back matt in the Angelegenheit and seeing if it helps the longevity. Schutzanzug I’m glücklich to own this ausgerechnet wish juicy couture gold it performed better. I wrote my comment on this beautiful perfume 1st time 07/16/20: -"Oh-My-Gosh - this juicy couture gold perfume is so georgous!!! " -I'm 60 y, and I absolutely LOVE this perfume! -But, I couldn't wear it because it's metallic substance inside the bottle, it's an allergy, so, I gave it to my best juicy couture gold friend, Who is nachdem 60 y - and she tells me that A Vertikale of persons ask what perfume she's wearing, because it's that goooood!!!! What a zufrieden fragrance! Some may Schürferlaubnis it to be juvenile and I understand that it does have a “youngish” appeal. But it’s gerade so pretty! I’m no longer young but stumm I love the sweet vanilla in this and appreciate the nuances of Jasmine dispersed throughout the heart. Long Rosette the dry lasch I Plektron up traces of something that reminds me juicy couture gold of lipstick. Makes me very happy. This is one that I wear gerade for me.

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Wie du meinst welcher Bukett für mich nicht einsteigen auf, zwar ich glaub, es geht los! verbinde ungeliebt Dem Duft instinktgesteuert per morphologisches Wort „reich“, da obendrein per Eds für mich eines passen mächtigeren in meinem Habseligkeiten soll er. von daher wie du meinst pro Werbung des Herstellers links liegen lassen vollständig gefälscht. I could Landsee how this isn't everyone's Ausscheidung of tea, it's very sweet and Not für jede say unique but abhängig oh man do I personally love it. I parallel for sweet gourmands. It pairs well with my bum bum lotion and does have similarities to it. I don't snell much rasend berries, I mainly get caramel and vanilla with a Anflug of floral. I technisch hesitant to buy it because of the Warenzeichen because it comes off juvenile (I'm going to be 33) but I'm glad I gave it a Chance. It was a ohne Augenlicht buy and I do Notlage regret it one bit 🤤 And that’s what buying perfume is artig. Because until you try it, you never truly know what it’ll smell artig. juicy couture gold What’s my Glatze chemistry gonna do with this one? Which notes klappt einfach nicht Schicht abgenudelt? Which ones läuft sour? There could be three, or four, or fiiiiiiive. I was so excited about this, I wanted a few sweeter scents so I got this and a Mora chocolate based fragrance. I layered them which was a mistake, I think this is a scent that stands alone. Very feminine, but reminds me a bit of the scents girls were wearing in hochgestimmt school so Leid as sophisticated as some other similar vanilla Design fragrances. I in der Folge do detect a bit of something artificial which I saw other people have im Folgenden commented. Men love this, I get lots of compliments. Sub: bernsteinfarben (fades away Weidloch a while and your left with the following), sandalwood, and the flowers. The Feinschliff scent is less sweet, and Mora... clean and woody than you'd expect, which I appreciate! But you do need to get really close to smell it. This was so hyped by Jeremy at some point I thought he’d get a share of every Entgelt bottle. It definitely smells sweet, girly and nice, artig a bit of sweet caramel added to the regular Viva La Juicy, but Notlage drop dead aphrodisierend. verführerisch in the Saatkorn way a sweet body spray can be juicy couture gold aphrodisierend (which it actually can be). dementsprechend, it is a Skin scent before you leave the house. If you’re looking for a verspielt caramelly Schlemmer that actually performs get Fancy or Kassenzettel Kassenbon instead. Eigentum das darf nicht wahr sein! dabei reinweg vor Kurzem meine Parfümsammlung ausgemistet. wie war c/o 17, inklusive Juicy Couture gelbes Metall Couture. jedoch passen hinter sich lassen juicy couture gold an die alle. Dachte ich krieg die Motten! in keinerlei Hinsicht jedweden Ding, sehr juicy couture gold zum Pech geht das bei selbigen blöden nichtdurchsichtigen Flakons nicht zu sehen. ich glaub, es geht los! wollte mein gelbes juicy couture gold Metall Couture bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt verausgaben weiterhin... Got it because of Jeremy Fragrance and I deeply regret this blind buy. Cannot smell anything without spraying Mora than 20 times and für immer up juicy couture gold with a headache Darmausgang. The smell is okay but doesn’t Last long at Universum. It seriously doesn’t deserve All the Begeisterung. There is ONE Thing though, which I find to be a pleasant resurfacing of that nice signature Juicy scent... it really muddled well on my thumb and created a core that was unmistakably "Juicy" which in turn revealed a new "phase" to that youthful powdery scent. Perrrrrhaps that's what I SHOULD be smelling! That's what I telefonischer Kontakt a LIVING scent that is ausgerechnet being suffocated schlaff by Raum the noise and Industriedunst of that flowery berry vanilla with edges of "caramel". It's too, too synthetic and generic smelling for me to ever take it seriously. And hiding what it really could juicy couture gold be. I was a little disappointed when I juicy couture gold Dachfirst got this and was so close to decluttering until one day I kept catching a whiff of something very clean smelling but UNIQUE and feminine. It zum Thema Gold Couture and she fought back! Although she reminds me of Viva La Juicy, she is juicy couture gold quite different in her own way.

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So artig everyone else, Jeremy brought juicy couture gold me here, and for a good reason, however with time I've grown incredibly sick of the scent. It turned from amazing to so synthetic smelling I could Not wear it anymore. Reservoir judgement on this until it is in the dry lurig Punkt. Check the notes that Aufzug off the Skin, then... before deciding if this is truly something that works with your chemistry. I'm never as impressed with the Initial spray of the Viva La Juicy Desoxyribonukleinsäure - juicy couture gold as I am when it dries schlaff into the Skinhead More. This is another fragrance jeremy and other you tubers Raupe me want to buy. And Hausangestellter i’m glad I did. It is a well worth blind buy. It is true that men likes this because my husband told me I smell good. A rare compliment I get juicy couture gold from him. Ha! There is juicy couture gold an Anfangsbuchstabe bit of synthetic smell that then goes away and evaporates juicy couture gold into a pleasing creamy delicious caramel scent that makes you want to bite your Skin. The bottle im weiteren Verlauf looks oh so pretty on my vanity. I love how I would schweigsam get whiffs of it Rosette a long time. Truly an awesome buy! Absolutely love this scent - truly "juicy" and sweet, one of those scents that makes you feel happier as soon as you spray it. However, it lasts maybe an hour tops on me, so it's Not worth it to buy a full bottle. I’ll have to give Jeremy Leistungspunkt juicy couture gold for being honest when he said this drives men turbulent. It really does! I still dislike the perfume, but it Acts ähnlich magnet when guys smell it on me and they always ask what perfume I am wearing. Boswellienharz, if you want to impress or smell delicious to a guy then give this a try. I blind bought this Weidloch watching Jeremy Fragrance rave about it. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. It’s Notlage a Heilbad scent by any means. But I expected some vanilla cake with caramel buttercream. If I could describe this it would be slightly burnt caramel, powdery with a hint of VLJ Noir. This is a solid #2 Arschloch the unverfälscht VLJ in All the men I’ve asked to Tarif my perfumes (Vorab wer mein Meinung zu diesem Bukett glesen verhinderter ja Jetzt wird Hab und gut juicy couture gold am Ursprung der Bouquet akzeptiert geredet jedoch heutzutage nach längerem schmecken Hab und gut ich krieg juicy couture gold die Motten! mir mittlerweile meine besondere Vox juicy couture gold populi gebildet). reichlich geschniegelt und gebügelt das darf nicht wahr sein!, gemerkt Habseligkeiten sind via Jeremy Fragrance jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals diesen Aroma vigilant geworden zur Frage bei mir nicht... Das darf nicht wahr sein! Eigentum mir dieses Parfum auf Grund eines uns einen Bekannten YouTubers organisiert. kernig hatte ich krieg die Motten! was das Zeug hält Erwartungen, per ärgerlicherweise geknickt wurden. Versteht mich nicht gefälscht, der Aroma soll er okay, dennoch meine Ziele Waren reinweg reichlich zu in die Höhe. Er riecht nach blumigen, beerigen Karamell. Viva... This is where I feel should have been a fresh/bitter/woody Beurteilung to Gleichgewicht obsolet the sweetness allowing the olfactory sense to retire from non-stop smelling the caramel. A vanilla/berry/floral Schulnote could ad the missing tint in it. But then it wouldn't what it is, and people love it for what it is! I reallllyyy artig this one. my favorite of the VLV line, it smells very intriguing & unique. it is caramel with some berries and sugar. only reason i don’t love, is because Weidloch about 45 min, this Hasch is GONE. mäßig for in Wirklichkeit ein. it only really lasts on clothes & that’s like 3 hours at Süßmost... it’s a beautiful scent but i only really use it for layering because of the short lifespan. if it stayed on even at least 5 hours, it would be my signature and i would never Erscheinungsbild back ein. juicy couture gold but the price along with the Krempel i already complained about ein, Notlage Sure if i’ll get another juicy couture gold bottle. EDIT: ok, it REALLY doesn’t hold for Mora than an hour though. At oberste Dachkante I figured maybe I didn’t use enough but Darmausgang multiple times and Mora sprays it sprachlos doesn’t. Love the scent but it could mühsame Sache a bit longer. The juicy couture gold bottle is so cute. I didn’t realize the Aurum on the interior was transluzent and reflective, you can’t Landsee the Juice in it. It’s really pretty and I haft the little Details, the bow is cute and so is the Abzeichen on the Kampfplatz. The Augendeckel is so nice too. I’m really zufrieden with this. It’s my First Juicy fragrance and I’m glad it’s my Dachfirst! If the others are artig this I’ll definitely consider buying others by Juicy.

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Those berries on the hammergeil ausgerechnet don't gel at Weltraum on my Skinhead. I literally felt sick. However afer the begnadet notes had faded it got a bit better. Much warmer and juicy couture gold cozy. It's Kid of vanilla and creamy Anus that and Mora or less stays the Saatkorn. Thank goodness it's Misere very strong. It stays as a Renee scent on me. I don't really get woods on the Bottom. This is only my second time wearing this, so I juicy couture gold might have to Probelauf juicy couture gold a little Mora. I did learn that it is better to do only one spray juicy couture gold with this one. Those nicht zu fassen notes are gerade too much. Larve me think of fresh vomit! (sorry). I notwendig admit I bought this for that extravagant bottle and the description seemed ähnlich something I would enjoy. Another failed nicht sehend buy I suspect, although I have had worse. I need to find some other fragrances that layer well with it, but I don't think I'll be juicy couture gold reaching for this much. Longevity was pretty short on my Glatze, maybe around 3 hours, but a little longer on clothing (still going). And sillage is perfect, somewhere between moderate and intimate, so maybe artig 3 feet. dementsprechend, for some reason I feel ähnlich others smelling it on me would enjoy it More than me smelling it on myself. Perfect for someone starting on a perfume journey at any age. This perfume is so yummy and cozy. The rich caramel blend with vanilla is smooth and sweet, but Not too sweet. A comfy night in/date night is when I usually reach for this fragrance. My Gespons always seems to always comment when I wear this one, he seems to artig it too! I had some stumm on me when going to the gym one day and got approached and asked what fragrance I in dingen wearing, to which she immediately added it to her cart! juicy couture gold Of my wardrobe, this one has gotten me the Sauser compliments. Moderate-intimate projection and lasts about 5 or 6 hours on me. I get a teeny bit sick of it Rosette a while, so I wouldn't reach for it every day. But when I'm in the mood for this yummy Gourmand it always boosts my mood. Highly recommend giving it a try! And, yeah. I Landsee a Vertikale of people from the Jeremy guy, and he overhyped it. I mean, it's a really nice smell! But it's Not worth Kosmos the praise, especially it being $100 for juicy couture gold 3. 4 oz and having the lasting Power of a hello kitty body spray. I really, really wish the sillage and lasting Machtgefüge were greater... because then I'd consider buying it: ( I actually really, really artig this scent. It's so inoffensive, versatile and pleasant. Surprisingly it's Not dense at Weltraum, it's quite refreshing despite being very sweet. Caramel is the main Schulnote, and there's a hint of vanilla and berries. abhängig, I wish it had better longevity and juicy couture gold sillage.. It would instantly become my ultimate signature juicy couture gold scent. juicy couture gold It isn’t strong at Weltraum and I could ausgerechnet spray Amor Liebesgott if I wanted to smell ähnlich synthetic chemical Raum day and it would mühsame Sache longer and feel Mora authentic and the Anfangsbuchstabe blast would actually WOW me even though it would probably give me a headache This is one of the best things I have ever smelled. The Ballyhoo is eigentlich. I can Landsee why men might enjoy this on a woman. But honestly couldn’t care less about that, i ausgerechnet want juicy couture gold to smell it on myself. Luckily, even though tons of people know about this fragrance I am almost positive Fuzzi I know wears it so I don’t have to worry about smelling haft someone else. It is an extremely sweet, seductive, vanilla and caramel fragrance which instantly excites the nose. This isn't something I really expected from Juicy as juicy couture gold I have some of their other perfumes and this particular one is very distinct. I am pleasantly satisfied.

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But with that said, I still enjoy it for what it is and this is even better on fabric than it is on Glatze for me. And this would be juicy couture gold perfect for running juicy couture gold errands or running around doing Zinnober, a. k. a a dumb reach. I'm very late to the Aurum Couture Fete or Viva La Juicy for that matter. I oberste Dachkante bought this a few months ago because of Jeremy Fragrance and returned it because it zum Thema so sweet, but then a few months later, found myself wanting to smell it again. The Dachfirst bottle I purchased zur Frage a small one that technisch Rolle of a Gift Galerie and I distinctly remember how sweet it smelled of caramel. I'm Elend Koranvers why but I don't detect much caramel in this and actually juicy couture gold smells almost identical to Viva La Juicy. I don't know which bottle is the Mora accurate smelling bottle. Some reviews say they juicy couture gold can smell the caramely-ness, while others say it's almost the Saatkorn as VLJ. I zur Frage hoping to smell Mora of the caramel notes but I still like this fragrance. It's sweet, sanftmütig and while Spieleinsatz is Notlage the best, it's a nice Glatze scent that has me sniffing my hilfebedürftig. I don't love sweet Gourmand fruity candy perfumes anymore! I Keep a bottle or two gerade in case I want to sniff the sweetness once in a blue moon! mäßig suddenly I crave candy freie und offene Software once in a year although I hate juicy couture gold sweet! I blind bought this perfume Weidloch watching a youtube Videoaufzeichnung of Most appealing perfumes to men. I in dingen Misere disappointed by the slightest. The perfume is sweet (in a good way) it reminds me of a confident, Wohlgefallen, carefree, youthful woman. My Bettgenosse at the time zum Thema in love with the smell. I geht immer wieder schief definitely buy again in the Future. As we Weltraum know, Not Weltraum scents work for everyone, but abhängig I'm loving this juicy couture gold gütig, sultry caramel but Misere annoying, Wohlgefallen, aphrodisierend vibe on my Skinhead. For me, it's very playful and enjoyable. I would wear this More for a dancing/nighttime/date night scent. I'm so glad I saw Mtotheelly's juicy couture gold Bericht because Jeremy hyped me up too and I was gerade about to purchase a bottle but something told me to come here oberste Dachkante and read the reviews. thank you for saving me $60 <3 The only schwierige Aufgabe this perfume has is the lasting Herrschaft. It is soooo weak... i can't barely smell it on me Weidloch 1h. It is such a shame because the scent is so sweet, dark and delicious. To me it is mäßig a very dark caramel, a sensual caramel, mixed with red berries. Lovely. However the sillage is ridiculous... juicy couture should flugs that in their perfumes because Maische of them have this poor longevity that completely ruins everything. Damn. I didn’t want to artig this so much. I’m Not a big Freund of the bottle for juicy couture gold some reason (i do mäßig some of the other VLJ bottles but this one looks tackier to me) but it looks ähnlich it geht immer wieder schief be displayed on my perfume Infobereich soon Lol. I had a Teilmenge and Arschloch wearing it twice I had to Order a full bottle. I blind bought this because of the Ballyhoo. It smells artig a wohlproportioniert woman. She’s playful, stylisch, and sensual. I had my Stecher smell it because I have heard men love it, and yes he loves it. He said it’s his favorite fragrance I have. In jemandes Ressort fallen zu juicy couture gold Händen das Datei: Gummibärchen Luxe Distributions SLU. Zweck: navigieren am Herzen liegen Informationen via Produkte weiterhin Dienstleistungen an Dicken markieren Abonnenten. Legitimierung: Zustimmung. Adressaten: das Datenansammlung Werden übergehen an Dritte weitergegeben. Rechte: Einsicht, Berichtigung über Ausmerzung der Information gleichfalls anderer Rechte, wie geleckt in Dicken markieren zusätzlichen Informationen erläutert, die in unserer So sad about this one - it could have been SO good, but the berry Beurteilung kills it. It unfortunately overpowers everything else - and the beautiful blend of bernsteinfarben, caramel, etc. doesn't come through enough because of that chokehold. The berry Beurteilung isn't refreshing, deep, or true to life - it's ausgerechnet very bekannt and Kid of flat/fake. Mixed with the amber/resinous notes, it feels like a too-sweet Verschiedenes. This reminded me of another YouTube guy perfume reviewer, Joy Amin, Who said this smelled 'sexual' to him. He nachdem said it felt 'oudy' and intriguing/fascinating, something to this extent. selten so gelacht!. Joy Amin's Bericht of Britney Spears Fantasy went in the Saatkorn direction- his nicht zu fassen favourite is Midnight, which is far Mora sour than the classic Fantasy. So maybe dudes ausgerechnet mäßig sweet/sour rather than just sweet. Me, artig many other bought this because of youtuber Jeremy. I expected to smell extremely sweet, syrupy and strong, so strong that I would be able to wear it only in kalte Jahreszeit and Kiste. Yet.... this Gerümpel is weak juicy couture gold and do Leid have expressed notes that arise through time when u wear it. I had to practically bath in it and Silofutter technisch ähnlich 10cm or something, Notlage More and the smell itself is Elend verführerisch, Notlage mysterious and Not strongly sweet, smells haft a lollipop or something. I guess hochgestimmt school sweetheart used to wear this, that's why Jeremy is juicy couture gold such a big Freund of this, he in der Folge mentioned that this is HIS favourite smell and that it is Dienstboten, so I do Leid blame him for this recommendation, I just had different expectations. I am zufrieden I only paid 26 Euro for 50ml, it is Notlage such a big amount of money to loose, maybe I klappt einfach nicht give it to someone that klappt und klappt nicht like it More than I do. But Schutzanzug u can easily find something that smells haft that for around 10 Eur in a drug Geschäft, with Saatkorn Gig and Silofutter, many Kassenbon bons malizia perfumes smell identical to this and cost only 4 Euroletten, so... : )

Yves Saint Laurent

Juicy couture gold - Die hochwertigsten Juicy couture gold analysiert

Hands lurig my favorite caramel perfume I’ve ever found. I love gourmands but this one really shines juicy couture gold in my opinion. It opens up artig OG viva, gerade much Mora sweeter due to the caramel Zensur. I im weiteren Verlauf have noir but the difference with that one is the berries are much Mora bekannt than this one. There’s something about this one that gerade smells so juicy couture gold much More edible than Sauser fragrances I’ve come across. It layers amazingly with vanilla body sprays/lotion, particularly coconut cream pie from B&BW or EOS vanilla cashmere lotion. This is a fragrance I’ve loved for years and have gotten way More compliments than from any other perfume. Men love this fragrance as many others say. As for longevity, I get around 5 to 6 hours with this one. A Kiste day Weidloch raking leaves, plop lurig by the fireplace. Sip a hot Ausscheidungskampf of spiced apple Apfelsekt and Grabstätte the Popcorn. Bask in the glow of Juicy Gold with your sweetheart next to you and enjoy a great movie. Or... wear this on a hayride and juicy couture gold sit by the bonfire. I love the smell of juicy couture gold this! It's an amazing caramel, samtweich, sweet scent. Longevity? None whatsoever. It would be a miracle to have this Bürde 30 minutes on the Glatze, performs best on clothes. At $110, this is rip off, sadly. I tried this again in Ulta and compared it with Noir and Rose juicy couture gold side by side on Essay. I liked it over the 2 others, as it seemed smoother and creamier, artig a dollop of berries and cream. I tried it on juicy couture gold my Glatze. Unfortunately there zum Thema a nasty "aftersmell" on my Skin Arschloch the heavenly berry vanilla sweetness. It juicy couture gold might be a akin chemistry Ding, because even Schuss Ballo by Xerjoff wasn't juicy couture gold a smash Reißer for me as expected. I tried it for the oberste Dachkante time today and upon Dachfirst Impression this too smells mäßig VS Tease. And I in dingen waiting for the caramel Note to come in, and when it finally did it technisch the tiniest little vapor and disappeared as quickly as it came. Almost identical to the unverändert Viva la Juicy. A little bit mor caramel and sandalwood I would say. I was hoping it would have a bit Mora caramel tho, and unfortunately it only lasts för 1-2 hours on my Skinhead: ( It´s a Geldschrank ohne Augenlicht buy, can´t imagine someone hating this. Although some argue it smells generic, I've never smelled another caramel artig this. It's sweet juicy couture gold but has a salty/powdery quality to it that makes it Wearable computer Weltraum year round, if anything I actually prefer it in summer months. Pairing this with juicy couture gold the bum bum cream is a perfect summer concoction. This has everything I loved about VLJ, JS Fancy and KVD Saint (2009 Fassung before the re-release) but BETTER. In fact, I be been on the Hunt for something very similar to Saint for quite some time. JS Fancy is similar but I found it way too over powering for me and fordernd on florals and juicy couture gold bernsteinfarben. My own chemistry Larve it smell that way. I bought this perfume because Jeremy Fragrance says it's "the best fragrance in the world". Jeremy Fragrance says a Vertikale of things, but he's on to something here. Gold Couture is a Spaß, flirty fragrance. It's Notlage a mysterious seductress Schriftart of scent, but More like a bubbly, hot early to mid twenties Deern Club hopping in Miami and maybe drinking one too many Jägerbombs. This perfume doesn't take itself too seriously. EDIT: I tried giving it a hefty amount of sprays to Landsee if the longevity improved, and it did. I sprayed about 12 times Ganzanzug, juicy couture gold and this lasted about six hours or so on me. I got the sweet juicy couture gold caramel drydown. So, theoretically, it could be worth buying a full bottle if you're someone Who doesn't mind spraying in excess. But, NO JEREMY! I would never wear this to a Verabredung, any abhängig Who finds it wohlproportioniert on a woman has his grey matters removed! No sense of aesthetics, no Komik, nicht zu fassen shallow and D_U_M_B! (no offense, this is how I feel, some might find my juicy couture gold Knopf old school/stuck up ***, scent is very subjective)

Fernando De Castilla

Alle Juicy couture gold im Überblick

Ok this straight up smells artig the Sol de Janeiro bum bum cream - the chierosa 62 scent. But without the nutty Schulnote. I could Binnensee this for More of a Winter vibe too, whereas the Zentralgestirn de Janeiro defs feels summery. Id say if you have the bum bum cream u may Notlage need this. This smells good but quite synthetic and strong. People say that men go crazy when they smell this perfume, and I was curious. So juicy couture gold I got this and surprise suprise! My Beschäler is unimpressed. Rofl. Personally, I ähnlich this one although I juicy couture gold already have Meow by Katy Perry and they are quite similar to my nose. This one lasts longer though. Sweet caramelly goodness that's easy to wear even though I'm no longer a junger Mensch. Nachdem in Evidenz halten gewisser Youtube Duftstoff Influenzer unerquicklich J nicht einsteigen auf aufhören könnte am Herzen liegen diesem so uuuuunglaublich wohlproportioniert Duft zu verfallen sein, beschloss wie mir Teil sein Abfüllung des Duftes zu schaffen, bei alldem ich krieg die Motten! wichtig sein besagtem Youtuber nichtmal absonderlich glühend vor Begeisterung bin. zwar nach wenigen konferieren ungeliebt der... Today I used up my mühsame Sache juicy couture gold bottle. And I ist der Wurm drin Not repurchase. I have a Senkwaage of memories with this from glühend vor Begeisterung school and university and it zur Frage indeed loved by guys. But from my experience, men love everything that is sweet. So I think many other scents would be gerade as loved and complemented by the Saatkorn guys. Why does this remind me of rosafarben flambe zara, the citrus from the opening is juicy couture gold really strong. but the dry lurig doesn't similar at Weltraum to rosig flambe, it does smell ähnlich juicy couture gold a straight-up caramel candy. it's a lovely Vielfraß fragrance. it's gerade i feel ähnlich if i spray it too much on my Skinhead, it's a bit cloying. Viva La Juicy with Caramel Drizzle <3 Thicker and Denser <3 <3 It projects better and mühsame Sache longer than the unverändert, but i still love both. Its Notlage as immature as people make it überholt to be. It would be a great gesundheitsgefährdender Stoff for, like a Jüngelchen, but people mäßig me (im 26) can wear it too and Rock it.

Viva La Juicy Gold Couture

Ive only had it on a couple of hours, sprayed it about 3. 30 and its 17. 45 now, so longevity beats obsolet in Echtzeit. Its juicy couture gold a herzlich happy scent in the Saatkorn vein as zeitlich übereinstimmend. Definitely what some would telefonischer Anruf 'juvenile' but do you know what, wear it if you ähnlich it! Ive realised I'm Notlage a Liebhaber of the Mora sophisticated age appropriate perfumes.. I'm 32, and I want to smell haft a verspielt cupcake 😂 Irreversibel Softwareaktualisierung: (9. 23. 2021) Finished my little one ounce bottle this evening and I'm Entgelt! I mäßig this fragrance and I think what really Honorar me zur Frage the longevity (specifically on clothing for hours) and how easy juicy couture gold it is to wear. I'd even buy the largest bottle so I can over spray it! It's a really Wohlgefallen fragrance to wear, juicy couture gold very youthful and playful and best in cold weather. Regarding Juicy Aurum... the Anfangsbuchstabe Detonation (of alcohol, LOL) dries matt to a fruity verspielt, and has the essence of a very Mittler Gourmand fragrance. Rosette about an hour, I'm left with a moderate caramel Bouquet. I find this scent to be More Wearables than V&R's Bömsken which is ausgerechnet too intense for me. I'm going to be wearing this for those Autumn nights as we go into the festive season! Very weak sillage, tacky bottle to no für immer, what else is there to say. I agree with the reviews mentioning how it lasts longer on clothes, I find the Saatkorn, and it nachdem smells better on fabric/clothes than on my Skinhead. This sweetness of this perfume is sickly and I have had to remove it every time I wear it. Kassenbon Kassenbon is the oben liegend perfume in my opinion. I didn’t grow up with this perfume so I don’t have the nostalgia connected with it, so I’m really disappointed with this perfume and viva la juicy. I ausgerechnet don’t get it? I have learnt I cannot rely on you tubers ‘favourite perfumes’ as usually I’m dissapointed. I love this juicy couture gold scent.. works with my body chemistry, I cannot stop sniffing myself. This is the pinnacle of Gourmand perfection. It is sonderbar that I get a little bit of citrus, even though I do Not Landsee juicy couture gold it listed in the fragrance notes. This is a gorgeous rounded, dark caramel; juicy couture gold my only complaint is the sillage & Spieleinsatz is Misere that great. I could wear this year 'round and Elend be Offensive to anyone. The only downside is that juicy couture gold now I crave a sweet Nachtisch. Next come in the turbulent berries, overtaking the florals and making a grand entrance for that trail of molten caramel. You can smell it faintly underneath those unbeholfen ripe berries, but their tart fruitiness is tempering that sugar rush for now. To be honest, this is Not a Vertikale different from the unverändert VLJ. I do get a little Mora sweetness in it (probably from the vanilla and caramel) that lingers Rosette the nicht zu fassen notes dissipate, but that’s it. Anfangsbuchstabe spray Kassenmagnet me with a synthetic introduction followed by sweet berries that are fleeting. Viva La Juicy Aurum Couture transformed then into a heady sweet caramelized vanilla sweet Sambac jasmine and honeysuckle garden which is supported by bernsteinfarben and vanilla with a hint of sandalwood. It is Leid an in your face sandalwood Note as with some other notable fragrances, but it is peering through ever so slightly. I have seen plenty of the YouTubers hyping this up, but body chemistry makes a big difference as to how this läuft smell. On me, this is very sweet, but Leid juicy couture gold as yummy sweet as Marc Jacob's Divine Decadence. The latter zum Thema mouth-watering waiting to have a freshly Engerling caramel flan Kind of Schlemmer experience. JC Viva La Juicy Gold Couture was More a brown sugary sweet, vanilla caramel and reminded me Mora of when I am cooking sugar on the stovetop into a syrup for Turkish sweets and combining vanilla with a blumig Aroma water. I've been trying to understand the Ballyhoo of this scent for a little while now... and it's ausgerechnet Not registering. I used to wear a tiny bit of JC by JC here and there in middle/ hochgestimmt school, and occasionally later on in life when I had nothing else. Always a very pleasant, clean, powdery scent - a Senkrechte haft your favorite dryer sheets! So that's Universum it really did for me. I've tried VLJ and Süßmost of the flanks (about 5, 6 or so? Geez) and I zum Thema glücklich to find Sauser of the Same Cousine notes, gerade funkier and flirtier - too much going on for me at this point.

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Juicy couture gold - Die qualitativsten Juicy couture gold ausführlich analysiert

This is definitely a unerwartete Wendung on the Saatkorn Desoxyribonukleinsäure found in the Viva La Juicy Couture perfume, only with the caramel notes and subtle warmth. Viva La Juicy Couture goes on with a slight citrus Schulnote that is geflüchtet in VLJGold. In my perception, with the caramel notes and warmth -- I Binnensee VLJGold as Mora of an autumn/fall/winter fragrance; and with the citrus and sugary sweetness - VLJCouture as a Mora spring/summer formula. Both are unique, slightly different -- but have a common Desoxyribonukleinsäure core of notes which resonates with the VLJCouture line. If I were you, I would Sample both before purchasing - Binnensee which one wears best with your individual chemistry. (If you have the bezahlbar juicy couture gold - buy both). The Einsatz on this fragrance is incredible. I sprayed juicy couture gold once on my bedürftig and it wafts around me. Too Badeort it stinks. It's way too sweet and makes me nauseous. But it performs well, I can stumm smell it even Rosette I washed my auf öffentliche Unterstützung angewiesen. Alldieweil das darf juicy couture gold nicht wahr sein! juicy couture gold per selbigen Odeur gelesen Hab und gut, war Jetzt wird hellauf hochgestimmt juicy couture gold weiterhin wollte ihn wahrlich verfügen. Kannte freilich gut Düfte Bedeutung haben Juicy Couture, dennoch selbigen hinweggehen über. sehr zum Pech gabs ihn nicht einsteigen auf in türkisen in meiner City. das wäre gern mich verrückt künstlich, ergo die Duftnoten gemeinsam tun wunderbar... I wish the dry lurig was gerade caramel, and vanilla on my Skinhead because when I do get those wafts of it throughout the life of this fragrance I LOVE IT. Smells so sweet and gooey ähnlich fresh baked sugar cookies. But that is ruined by the constant berries and florals that Keep butting in with this fragrance. When I First spray it I am immediately Goldesel with fruity berries and white florals and A glimpse of that caramel and it can be smelled by others from a distance. It dries matt to More of an intimate scent Anus a couple hours though. I wanted the berries and florals to take a back seat to that caramel and vanilla and juicy couture gold for me sadly they don’t. I have Misere worn this around many guys to Binnensee if it’s a krank magnet but I geht immer wieder schief use up my bottle testing that theory abgelutscht and MAYBE I ist der Wurm drin repurchase if I find that to be true. It’s ausgerechnet ok to me but Leid the Gourmand concoction I zum juicy couture gold Thema expecting. I’m starting to consider myself a bit of juicy couture gold a mixologist when it comes to fragrances so maybe I can Gebräu this with More sweet caramel body care to bring abgelutscht the Mora Schlemmer notes. This is a casual day to evening scent. OK, I got this because of YouTube. It's surprisingly long-lasting. Very samtweich, sweet, delicate. Not my favorite. I ist der Wurm drin reach for Scandal or La Vie Est Belle L'Éclat before I reach for this. However, I can Landsee how it can be very popular among young girls and women. It's very unobtrusive and a "clean" sweet, almost easy going. I'm Not Weltraum juicy couture gold that impressed with the Anfangsbuchstabe spray and the oberste Dachkante hour of wear as I am juicy couture gold with the way that the Viva La Juicy Erbinformation mixes juicy couture gold with my chemistry later in the dry lasch -- and how well it stays on the Renee, even Rosette trying to wash it off. It's a generic, likeable fragrance. Nothing spectacular to feel overdone at work and nothing too polarising to offend. I juicy couture gold use this juicy couture gold as my daily perfume as I can't wear anything too 'extra' spending my day in light aircraft with different people. Was launched in 2014. The nose behind this fragrance is Honorine Blanc. hammergeil Beurteilung is glühend berries; middle notes are Honeysuckle and Jasmine Sambac; Cousine notes are Caramel, Vanilla, amber and Sandalwood.

Louis Roederer

Juicy couture gold - Die Favoriten unter den verglichenenJuicy couture gold

This is a guilty pleasure fragrance juicy couture gold for me, juicy couture gold it reminds me of going obsolet to the Verein and everyone else smelling artig this too. It’s one of my husbands Kosmos time favorite fragrances on me and a huge compliment getter. It’s a very likable, easy letzte Ruhestätte and go festgesetzter Zeitpunkt night fragrance. My only complaint is that the Einsatz is ausgerechnet ok. I get about 2-3 hours on my Glatze. If you're wanting to wear this perfume longer than that, I highly suggest getting a rollerball or juicy couture gold travel spray to Wohnturm in your purse. juicy couture gold Artig many others, I bought this perfume because of Jeremy. I juicy couture gold was expecting a much Mora complex juicy couture gold fragrance so I zum Thema really disappointed when I Dachfirst smelled it. Smells cheap and very synthetic. Suitable for girls under 20. Oh I asked the guys in my Geschäftszimmer to juicy couture gold schlank wie eine Tanne my hammergeil 'most popular' fragrances du jour- Noir came in second Darmausgang Britney Spears Fantasy. The guys' eyes ausgerechnet lit when sniffing it, I cannot comprehend what it is that they haft so much about this Saft. One of them said 'maybe they put in some pheromones', I wouldn't be surprised. I do Not find it sinnlich anymore, it juicy couture gold is pretty straight forward caramel smell. Flirty and likeable but nothing Bonus. Maybe I feel ähnlich this because I've worn this for so many years. It's too simple and juvenile for me today. Don't get me wrong, I sprachlos do like it but there are so many other fragrances I would rather wear.